Aspen Healthcare teaches with The Teaching Book

Aspen Healthcare in Lewisville, Texas, is now using The Teaching Book to standardize care, improve patient satisfaction and maximize outcomes through patient education.

About Aspen Healthcare

Aspen provides home health care services to the Dallas/Fort Worth and its surrounding areas. When you’re ill or recovering from an injury, there’s no place you’d rather be than home with the people you love.

We provide broad range of home health services ranging from skilled nursing to physical therapy and speech therapy to high-tech procedures. Simply being in comfortable, familiar surroundings has proven to be one step closer toward a speedy recovery.

Aspen is a Texas-licensed, Medicare-certified, Insured & Bonded Home Health Agency.

To learn more about Aspen Healthcare and their commitment to quality patient care, visit their website at:

The Teaching Book

Updated annually, The Teaching Book is a 5 volume set of copy-ready patient education materials produced especially for Home Health Care and Hospice to help improve staff performance, quality of care and reduce the risks for future complications.The Teaching Book follows evidence-based clinical pathways using measurable outcomes. Low-reading levels, large type and cheerful art make teaching patients and home caregivers easier and speeds learning. Copy-ready print version or print-on-demand, web-based version. Learn more at:

Free Trial

Looking for a way to standardize your care and document patient teaching for OASIS-C? Try The Teaching Book in your Home Care Agency FREE for 10 days, sign up online or call Judy at (800) 241-4925 or email her at