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The Teaching Book...

is a web based product that is available to anyone with an internet connection.  No downloads.  No software to install.   It’s responsive for tablets, phones and laptops.  Each handout is branded with your company logo and contact information to promote and market your business in the community    Updates are included at no extra charge, so your product is always up to date!

The Teaching Book is perfect for home care agencies of any size that want to standardize their education and provide the #1 patient and caregiver teaching system to their clients.

Unlimited Copying

for patient use

Helps you

meet Medicare Reimbursement Criteria.

Standardize patient education


patient education

The Teaching Book ensures that nurses teach consistently & effectively.

Document patient assessment


patient assessment

The TB contains diaries, menus, charts and treatment plans to use in tracking patient’s progress.

Comply with OASIS-D


with OASIS-E Data Elements

includes risk assessment forms and staff resources to help agencies comply with OASIS-E.

Score-higher on Home Health Compare

Score Higher

on Home Health Compare

 customers have 15% fewer hospital re-admissions than the national averages.

Why Patient Education Print-on-Demand?


Nurses can access The Teaching Book from wherever they have an internet connection. No downloads. No software to install. Each handout is branded with your company logo and contact information to promote and market your business in your community.

The Teaching Book is also perfect for larger home care businesses who want to centrally control, deploy and update the #1 patient and caregiver teaching system for multiple agencies.


Teach Consistently
Suggested daily visits help nurses coordinate their teaching sessions.

Teach Interactively
Outcome assessments help nurses quickly assess their patients and focus teaching on what patients need to
learn most.

Teach effectively
Peer-reviewed health information, low-reading levels and vivid illustrations make complex health
information simple to understand and easier to teach.

Know what to expect
Outcome goals give patients a clear understanding of what they need to learn to be successful in their recovery.

Get active in their health
Patients are more likely to take an active role in their health and managing their disease(s) or condition(s).

Feel better about quality of care
Informed patients feel much better about the quality of care they receive.

Standardize care
Goals, assessments and suggested daily visits standardize the patient and caregiver teaching process, improving performance and outcomes.

Improve customer satisfaction
Patients are more active, more compliant and feel better about the care they receive.

Reduce cost and risk
Patients do a better job of managing their conditions and this can significantly speed up recovery and reduce the risks for complications.

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* Random sample of 100 customers’ scores compared to the national averages on Home Health Compare.

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User Reviews

“We use the P&H Teaching book as our clinician-to-patient information bible. The product makes a tremendous difference in our day to day practice with our homecare patients. It enables us to be a more informed provider and therefore have better equipped patients to live healthier lives. We continuously strive as a center for excellence in delivering exceptional care. Using the TB helps us to achieve that standard.”
Nurse icon
Rhonda G,
Clinical Program Coordinator
“The Pritchett & Hull Teaching Book is an excellent patient education tool. We have integrated each educational topic/procedure into the patient education drawer for the nurses to access educational handouts for their patients. As clinical educators, we value that the material is written in an easy to read format with illustrations which are appropriate for the elderly and for people with fluency or literacy issues. “
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Clinical Nurse Specialist,
Laguna, CA
“I use the Teaching Book in my work as a Clinical Educator. We have printed thousands of copies for the nurses to use with their patients. The feedback has been very positive. The education level of the material is appropriate for most of our patients and the information is very comprehensive. Since it is updated annually the material always stays current. I would recommend this product to any agency that give written educational material to their patients.”
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Nancy M,
Clinical Educator
“The Teaching Book is a great patient teaching resource! It addresses common home care and hospice topics, is clearly written with great artwork and best of all can be printed for your patient’s use.”
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Mary M,
Standardize care. Improve satisfaction. Reduce risk.